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“One of the top ten things to see in the Outback!” // Qld Outback Tourism Association

In a town far, far away, in the middle of Australia's outback, surrounded by SHEEP, CATTLE, and folk living off the LAND, one publican has joined forces with a bunch of unruly CHICKENS to start a little event called BEN'S CHICKEN RACING.

Chickens, a remote control car, and some "special" chicken treats combine forces to create the world's first CHICKEN RACES!


Travel to The Royal Carrangarra Hotel, in Tambo, Qld, and help this motley crew raise money for CHARITY!  

Have you ever wondered what the official reason for why did the chicken cross the road???? 


Well if so you best come to the Royal Carrangarra Hotel and watch our daily show (7 Nights a week April 1st-October 31st)! All of the ladies are treated humanely and with respect and will never end up on your plate. All of the ladies are auctioned individually every race, and the winner is the lady who crosses the finish line on the last lap first!  The winning lady's owner  shares 50% with that year's charity  and the other 50% with the lady's generous owner (who won him at auction, but doesn't get to take him home!). 2023 is our 8th year of racing chickens and we hope with your help and attendance to make it bigger and better than ever!

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